Best Air Activities in Mauritius that you shouldn’t miss.

Air Activities in Mauritius

skydiving in Mauritius

Why not make your stay even more memorable with the best air activities in Mauritius? The island was beautifully carved by Mother Nature with Gorges and rainbow-coloured earth! Le Morne Brabant, an iconic cultural landscape and the marvellous Undersea Waterfall are some of the must-sees in Mauritius. Many unforgettable landscapes are waiting to unfold before your eyes.

1. Tandem Skydiving

Tick off skydiving from your bucket list on the paradise island of Mauritius. Skydiving is a once in a lifetime experience, jumping out into the sky while letting that heavenly view of the paradise island sink into the senses. Attached securely to one of our qualified and licensed tandem instructors via a dual harness system, we can have you in the air after a 10 minutes video training session on exiting the aircraft and freefall body position.

Located at the north-eastern part of the island, Skydive Mauritius is the sole operator offering skydiving in Mauritius. ( visit their website for more information) Taxi Service will be please to provide you transportation. 

2. Helicopter ride

One of the best air activities that you shouldn’t miss in Mauritius is the Helicopter tour. It is flying in the Mauritian sky with experienced pilots in well-maintained helicopters enjoying spectacular views of sugarcane fields, picture postcards white sandy beaches and lagoons and many other more stunning views.

Corail Helicopters provide an exclusive helicopter tour where you’ll have amazing panoramic views of Mauritius. You can choose from a selection of sightseeing tour routes from the airport.

3. Seaplane ride

Experience the stunning and picturesque views of the south-west coast of Mauritius from a seaplane! The scenery is just breath-taking! You will get to experience the thrill of a water take-off and landing that is a unique experience for itself! 

The most picture-worthy (and unexpected) sight, however, maybe that of the underwater waterfall which seduced the whole world ever since it’s photos went viral on the internet. This wonder of nature is truly something to behold in person.

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4. Parasailing

One of the best air activities to do during your vacation in Mauritius is indeed parasailing! It offers you a spectacular view of the beautiful lagoon and beaches of Mauritius. There are several areas you can go parasailing in Mauritius like Belle Mare beach, Ile Aux Cerfs and Grand Bay. The actual flight time is usually between 5 and 12 minutes (which depends on some factors), where you can reach a height of up to 60m. 

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Seeing Mauritius from the air, be it from a helicopter, seaplane, or parasailing is a must-do for every visitor to Mauritius! If you are looking for your ultimate transportation while you are here, look no further with Taxi Service Mauritius. We even provide airport transfers and an array of activities and tours in Mauritius.

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