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Book with Taxi Service Mauritius: from private airport transfers to captivating sightseeing tours & activities in Mauritius, let us unveil the magic of Mauritius for you.

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      • No Shop-stops for a reward driver policy
      • 45% cheaper than Hotels & Airport Taxis
      • Taxi App & Email Reminders
      • Online Payment Options
      • Free Cancellations
      • 5-star rating company ~ Happy Customers
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      With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we strive to provide unparalleled service to all our clients, ensuring safe and comfortable journeys to your desired destinations. Whether you’re a tourist exploring the island or a resident in need of a taxi in Mauritius, Taxi Service Mauritius is here to meet your needs with professionalism and courtesy. Our 5-star reputation and 1100+ reviews speak volumes since 1987. Sit back, relax, and let us take you safely where you need to go ❤️

      Everything you need for a perfect vacation

      Private Airport Transfers & Sightseeing Specialists since 1987

      Request taxi prices in Mauritius

      Book Point-to-point transfers, hotel transfers, and round-trips to any location. 

      Book a private airport taxi transfer in Mauritius Island

      Large Cars, Minivans, SUVs or Luxury, we’ve got you covered. Pre-book your airport transfer in advance.

      Guided Sightseeing Tours Mauritius

      Choose from our preset itineraries or create your own journey and we’ll take you there.

      Mauritius tours & activities packages

       From thrilling hiking trips to captivating catamaran cruises,we’ve got you covered.

      Enjoy your vacation in Mauritius by taking advantage of our essential taxi services. We offer convenient pick-up and drop-off services to take you quickly and comfortably to your destination. You can count on us for hassle-free airport transfers if you’re looking for a private transfer. Our full-day guided sightseeing tours are the perfect way to see all the famous places in Mauritius.

      Affordable Private Airport Transfers

      Meet & Greet
      Refreshments served on arrival.

      Serving all locations
      We serve all hotels & AirBnBs on 7/7 basis.

      Free Child Seat
      Child seats are available upon request.

      Flexible Payment
      Pay online prior to the trip or in cash to the driver.

      Standard Cars

      Standard Family Car with Large Trunk

      from €35 /transfer
      per group of 3

      Family Minivans

      Family-Minivan, usually a 10-seater but we accommodate up to 6 pax with luggage

      from €44 /transfer
      per group of 6

      Executive Minivan

      Executive Minivan, our largest minivan, perfect for 10 pax traveling with luggage.

      from €110 /transfer
      per group of 10

      Luxury Cars

      Luxury VIP Transfers in Mercedes or BMW

      from €135 /transfer
      per group of 4

      Unwind in Paradise with Our Private Sightseeing Tours

      Experience the enchanting beauty of Mauritius in a way that’s uniquely yours with Taxi Service Mauritius. Embark on our exclusive Story-Telling Road Trips, crafted to unveil the island’s most secluded treasures. From the lush landscapes of our South Tour to the vibrant allure of the North Tour, our private sightseeing adventures promise to deliver unforgettable moments tailored just for you.

      The Chamarel Adventure Tour - South of Mauritius

      7 hours – South Sightseeing

      As from € 83 for a party of 4

      Port Louis City Tour

      6 hours – North Sightseeing

      As from € 83 for a party of 4

      6 hours – South Sightseeing

      As from € 83 for a party of 4

      Cultural North Tour

      6 hours – North Sightseeing

      As from € 83 for a party of 4

      Tea Tasting Tour Mauritius

      6 hours – South Sightseeing

      As from € 83 for a party of 4

      Journey Through Mauritian History - Mahebourg Tour

      7 hours – South Sightseeing

      As from € 83 for a party of 4

      Beach Tour Mauritius North
      Beach Tour Mauritius North

      Popular Activities in Mauritius

      Embark on an unforgettable journey with Taxi Service Mauritius, perfect for couples and families alike. Experience the magic of catamaran cruises, hike through stunning trails, or swim with dolphins in Tamarin Bay. Let us guide you through a transformative adventure where every moment is filled with wonder and awe.

      Early-morning in the West

      Go Swim with Dolphins in Tamarin Bay (West Coast)
      from € 51 per person

      Parasailing & Undersea Walk

      Book an Ile aux Cerfs Speed Boat Trip
      From € 47 per person

      Popular Nature Park

      Book a trip to Casela Nature Park
      From € 35 per person

      Full-day trip incl. Lunch

      Book a Catamaran Cruise to Ile aux Cerf island, Mauritius
      From € 68 per person

      Full-day trip incl. Lunch

      Book a Catamaran Cruise to Ile aux Benitiers Island
      From € 74 per person

      Full-day trip incl. Lunch

      Book a Catamaran Cruise to Ile aux Gabriel island, Mauritius
      from € 43 per person

      3.5 hrs hike

      Book a Hiking at Le Morne
      From € 53 per person

      3.5 hrs hike

      Book a Hiking at Black River Gorges
      From € 53 per person

      3 hrs hike

      Book a Hiking at Tamarin Falls Seven Waterfalls
      From € 43 per person

      Taking You Places, Making Moments

      We are committed to providing reliable and excellent service, making us the top choice for taxi services in Mauritius. Whether you need transportation to or from the SSR airport, our private airport transfer services guarantee a safe and seamless journey. Moreover, our customized sightseeing tours provide an intimate exploration of the island’s stunning landscapes and iconic attractions, making us an essential part of your unforgettable vacation experience.

      Taxis Mauritius

      Welcome to Mauritius Island

      Mauritius Island, a tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean, attracts vacationers with its pristine beaches, lush landscapes, and vibrant culture. Trust a renowned tour company like Taxi Service Mauritius (TRAVELHUB Mauritius Ltd) to make the most of your journey. Our experienced guides and reliable transport ensure you take advantage of the island’s hidden gems and authentic experiences, making your Mauritius adventure unforgettable. TRAVELHUB Mauritius is a registered tour company with the Mauritius Tourism Authority since 2016.

      Discover Mauritius with Taxi Service mauritius

      If you’re considering traveling to Mauritius, choosing Taxi Service Mauritius means more than just finding a ride. It marks the beginning of an immersive adventure led by our skilled team. Our experienced taxi guides in Mauritius have a profound passion for unveiling the island’s beauty and diversity. They will take you beyond the typical tourist spots, giving you a glimpse into the authentic essence of Mauritius.

      How do i call a taxi in Mauritius?

      To book a Mauritius taxi, simply dial +23059550305 or book online via our website, taxi app or WhatsApp. We are at your service 7 days a week, from 8 am to 8 pm, ensuring you a safe and comfortable ride to your destination. Explore Mauritius with us, where every journey promises an experience of utmost convenience and the highest quality service, tailored to meet your unique travel needs and preferences.

      How to get a taxi in Mauritius?

      Getting a taxi in Mauritius is a breeze with Taxi Service Mauritius. For the most competitive pricing, book swiftly and securely online via our website,, or utilize our user-friendly taxi app. While hotels offer taxi services, booking through us directly ensures you receive rates that are up to 45% cheaper than hotel & individual taxis, granting you not only exceptional service but also unmatched value. Every ride is a perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and cost-effectiveness.

      What does a taxi cost in Mauritius?

      At Taxi Service Mauritius, we are transparent about our pricing. Taxi fares can range based on distance and type; a short journey of 1-2 kilometers typically costs Rs 100 to Rs 150. For a more extended 10-15 kilometers ride, expect to pay between Rs 400 to Rs 600. Luxury and airport taxis are priced higher, offering additional comfort and convenience. We are committed to providing a range of options tailored to fit various preferences and budgets while ensuring exceptional service.

      Is there Uber in Mauritius?

      No, Uber is not available in Mauritius. However, travelers and residents can seamlessly navigate the island using Taxi Service Mauritius’s mobile app. Our app is designed to offer a convenient, efficient, and reliable alternative for your transportation needs, ensuring you reach your destination with ease and comfort. Experience the beauty and charm of Mauritius with the assurance of our dedicated service at your fingertips.

      Do you tip drivers in Mauritius?

      Tipping taxi drivers in Mauritius isn’t a mandatory practice, but it is certainly appreciated. If you’re satisfied with the service provided, offering a tip as a gesture of gratitude is common. The amount you choose to tip can vary but generally, it’s a reflection of the level of service you received. Tipping is a personal decision and is often seen as a token of appreciation for good service, helping to ensure that drivers are motivated to continue offering excellent service to all passengers.

      What is the best way to get around in Mauritius?

      Taxis are readily accessible in Mauritius, with services conveniently available directly outside hotels or arranged through the concierge. However, for those looking to explore the island’s diverse landscapes and attractions, there are alternative modes of transport to consider. Public transport is a viable option, offering a glimpse into the local way of life.

      For a more personalized experience, renting a car, scooter, or bicycle empowers you with the freedom to explore Mauritius at your own pace. This option is ideal for those eager to venture beyond the typical tourist paths, delving into the hidden gems scattered across the island. Armed with a map or GPS, you’re equipped to navigate the picturesque terrains, from the serene beaches and lush forests to the bustling markets and historic sites. Each mode of transport offers a unique perspective, enhancing your Mauritian adventure with flexibility and convenience.

      Affordable Luxury – 45% Cheaper Than Hotels & Individual Taxis

      At Taxi Service Mauritius, we firmly believe that everyone deserves high-quality taxi services without having to pay a hefty price. Our goal is to provide affordable luxury that sets us apart from the rest. We offer taxi prices that are up to 45% cheaper than what you would pay at hotels or with individual taxi services. We want you to enjoy your journey without worrying about breaking the bank. Our pricing is transparent, and there are no hidden fees. Traveling with us is not only convenient but also cost-effective.

      Competitive and Transparent Taxi Prices

      Our taxi prices in Mauritius are competitive and transparent, offering excellent value for your money. We believe in fair pricing, calculating fares based on distance and time, without any hidden charges. Our user-friendly Mauritius taxi app allows you to estimate the taxi cost in Mauritius before confirming your ride, ensuring complete transparency in your transactions.

      Because Tourist Transportation Requires Effective Planning

      Proper planning is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable tourist transportation experience. At Taxi Service Mauritius, we accept bookings at least a day prior to the trip to ensure that we are well-prepared for your journey. We understand that as a tourist, you may have specific requirements like carrying luggage, needing a child seat, or making stops at stores. Our drivers are well-equipped to cater to your needs, ensuring a comfortable and flexible journey. For those wondering is there Uber in Mauritius, please note that we have a more organised service. Tourist transport requires planning and a briefed driver. That makes us more organized than Uber in Mauritius.

      Serving all mauritian cities, Airbnb’s & hotels

      Taxi Service Mauritius aims to make your journey safe, comfortable, and hassle-free. We serve all regions in Mauritius, including:

      • Taxis in Flic en Flac
      • Taxis in Port Louis
      • Taxis in Grand Bay
      • Taxis in Bel Ombre
      • Taxis in Belle Mare,
      • and many other cities on the island

      Our diverse fleet of vehicles includes large cars, minivan transfers, SUVs, luxury VIP transfers, and large buses, ensuring that we have the perfect vehicle to suit your needs and budget.

      Booking Flexibility, Better Vacation

      At Taxi Mauritius, we understand the importance of convenience and flexibility. That’s why we offer a range of payment options, including paying directly to the driver after your trip or paying online before your transfer. We also provide a 24-hour cancellation policy, so you can make necessary changes without worrying.

      Taxi Service Mauritius is your gateway to a memorable and seamless exploration of Mauritius. From the affordability of our services to the expertise of our drivers, we are dedicated to ensuring that your visit to this tropical paradise is filled with unforgettable moments. Book your Mauritius taxi service with us today and get ready to embark on an adventure like no other. Experience Mauritius and let us take you places while making lasting moments.


      ~ Happy holidays!


      Enjoy 10% off your taxi fare when you book an airport transfer package this month. Private Transfers. Free cancellations. Happy customers.

      Why Choose us

      No Stops at Shops for a Commission
      Beware, this is a common problem on the island! Unlike the competition, our taxi drivers are not allowed to make commission-based stops at tourist shops. Drivers who violate our Drivers Code of Ethics are immediately suspended from our systems.
      Priority Access & Exit at the SSR Airport
      We offer our clients priority access and fast-exit track at the SSR Airport. This means that you can enjoy a seamless and efficient airport transfer experience, with minimal waiting times and maximum convenience.
      Innovative Taxi Dispatch System
      Our automated email reminders keep our drivers on-time and ensure a reliable journey. Unlike individual taxi drivers, we have the necessary resources to address any unexpected issues and ensure a seamless journey. Expect your driver.
      Fair pricing & No Hidden Fees
      At Taxi Service Mauritius, we are dedicated to offering fair pricing with no hidden fees. Our prices are up to 45% cheaper than hotel taxis, ensuring that you receive the best possible value for your money.
      Dedicated Booking Manager
      All our guests benefit from a dedicated reservation manager who will assist you on any queries or booking needs via email, phone or WhatsApp. We are your first Mauritian friend.
      7/7 WhatsApp Support
      At Taxi Service Mauritius, we understand that travel plans can be unpredictable. That's why we offer 7/7 WhatsApp support to ensure that you always have access to the assistance you need, no matter the time or day.

      Vacation Tips & Hidden Gems

      Discover the beauty of Mauritius through our blog, where we share insider travel tips, recommendations, and stories. We are passionate about providing exceptional transportation and helping visitors explore the island to the fullest. Our taxi Mauritius blog offers insights into the best places to visit as well as top things to do in Mauritius Island, and hidden gems that make Mauritius unique. Join us on a journey to discover the best of Mauritius and create unforgettable memories.

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