Dengue Prevention Protocols by the Mauritius Tourism Authority

Precautions to avoid Dengue in Mauritius

Dengue Prevention Protocols by the Mauritius Tourism Authority

Mauritius’s warm climate, lush landscapes, and inviting beaches epitomise tropical paradise. This island nation, nestled in the Indian Ocean, attracts tourists from around the globe, seeking its picturesque settings and vibrant culture. In spite of this, Mauritius also has a tropical climate that makes it ideal for mosquitoes.

What is Dengue Fever?

Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne viral illness caused by Aedes mosquitoes known for causing high fever, severe headache, pain behind the eyes, muscle and joint aches, rash, and mild bleeding, making prevention and early detection crucial. A noteworthy fact about Dengue is that bites transmit it from mosquitos infected with it. It is, however, not endemic to Mauritius and Rodrigues.

Collaborative Dengue Prevention Strategies

In collaboration with public health authorities, the Mauritius Tourism Authority (MTA) has implemented a few strategies to combat the spread of dengue fever and ensure the safety of tourists and residents.

  • Public Education: A key focus is educating the public about dengue prevention. Initiatives are underway to inform locals and visitors about the importance of recognising symptoms early and seeking medical advice promptly if they feel unwell.
  • Environmental Control: The MTA also coordinates efforts to reduce mosquito breeding grounds. It includes regularly cleaning public spaces, promoting effective waste disposal, and strategically fogging premises, particularly those with dense vegetation, to kill mosquitoes and disrupt their breeding cycle.

Precautions against Dengue

During your stay in Mauritius, you can significantly reduce your risk of contracting Dengue by taking simple precautions. During your stay in Mauritius, you can dramatically reduce your risk of contracting Dengue by taking simple precautions.

  • Use Mosquito Repellent: It’s essential to apply a reliable insect repellent, particularly during the early morning and late afternoon when mosquitoes are most active. Look for products containing DEET, picaridin, or oil of lemon eucalyptus for adequate protection.
  • Wear Protective Clothing: Long sleeves and trousers can significantly reduce exposure to mosquito bites. Opting for clothing treated with permethrin can offer an additional layer of protection.
  • Stay in Air-Conditioned Rooms: Mosquitoes are less active in more relaxed environments. Make sure the windows and doors of your accommodations have screens on them to keep mosquitoes at bay. Make sure the windows and doors of your accommodations have screens on them to keep mosquitoes at bay.


With the introduction of comprehensive dengue prevention protocols, the island ensures that visitors and residents can enjoy all that this tropical island has to offer without the added worry of Dengue. Tourists can make the most of their Mauritian adventure by staying informed about these protocols and actively participating in prevention efforts.

Remember, your health and safety are a top priority, and by working together, we can all contribute to a safer Mauritius. So, pack your bags with peace of mind, knowing that this beautiful island is doing everything possible to keep you safe and protect you during your stay.


Can dengue fever be transmitted from person to person?

No, dengue fever cannot be directly transmitted from person to person. It spreads through the bite of an infected Aedes mosquito.

Can I still enjoy outdoor activities in Mauritius

Absolutely! You can enjoy outdoor activities by taking preventive measures like applying mosquito repellent and wearing protective clothing during peak mosquito activity times.

What should I pack for dengue prevention in Mauritius?

Include lightweight long-sleeved shirts and pants, mosquito repellent, and consider a travel mosquito net if you'll be staying in open-air accommodations.

Is there an emergency contact number for health concerns in Mauritius?

Yes, a 24-Hour hotline (8924 for Mauritius) has been put in place for anyone wishing to enquire about Dengue or request any assistance

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