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There are plenty of exciting and unusual things to do in Mauritius, a colorful paradise rich in fascinating culture, history, and breathtaking scenery. Among the beautiful places to visit in Mauritius is Chamarel village. The scenic village of Chamarel is located in the southwest part of Mauritius. Known for its stunning waterfall, unique rum distillery, scenic drive, and breathtaking Seven-Coloured Earth, Chamarel is a popular travel destination for all travelers. Find out the best things to do in Chamarel, Mauritius.

Chamarel Colored Earth

Whether you are an enthusiast of geology or an avid traveler, you will inevitably be fascinated by the Seven-Coloured Earth of Chamarel. The Chamarel 7 Colored Earth is a patch of dunes with seven distinct colors that will leave you mesmerized. The Seven-Colored Earth’s bumpy ground glistens in shades ranging from orange to purple and ochre. It is a popular photo subject because of its appealing colors. Included in our South Tour, the Seven Colored Earth is a popular tourist attraction in Mauritius.

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The majestic Chamarel Waterfall.

A beautiful waterfall that is also worth a visit in Mauritius is the Chamarel Waterfall. Surrounded by lush greenery, this waterfall is best seen in the rainy season (or after torrential rain) when the volume of the flowing water almost doubles. The most fascinating part about visiting this waterfall is that you can easily see different lava layers from the viewing platform. It is a top spot for Instagram pictures. The Seven Coloured Earth Geopark’s road makes for a scenic trip to the site. Be sure to notice the waterfall viewpoint on your left side as you drive along the road to the geosite.

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Rhumerie de Chamarel

But Chamarel has much more to offer than just the famous Seven Colored Earth, and there are many more things to see and do. If you are a curious explorer, you will enjoy discovering one of Mauritius’ finest exports: Mauritian Rum. Take a tour of the Rhumerie de Chamarel. This working distillery is also a museum showcasing the rum-making process. In the lush valley of Chamarel, surrounded by a heavenly setting, this venue offers tours, rum tastings, a gourmet restaurant, and a souvenir shop. It provides a relaxing ambiance while offering a spectacular view of the valley.

Ebony Forest Reserve

Options for nature lovers are as well extensive. The Ebony Forest at Chamarel welcomes endemic species of plants and birds in its forest, the same that you’ll be able to admire in bird-watching hikes, Ebony reforestation activities, or enjoying a jeep promenade. One can take a jeep or hike through the Ebony forest. Take advantage of the spectacular view at the sublime point, where you can savor some Mauritian snacks with delicious cocktails.

Curious Corner

The Curious Corner is across from the ‘Seven Colored Earth.’ It is a house of illusion, has something to entertain the entire family, and is sure to amaze your kids. You can play with the perspective and illusion, take plenty of photos, and, most importantly, have fun.

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Chamarel Restaurant

Embrace the authentic flavors of Mauritian cuisine while dining in a scenic setting at Le Chamarel Restaurant. Enjoy breathtaking views of a mountainous landscape and the captivating coastline, edged by the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean and the horizon in the distance.

Scenic road trip to Le Morne

The scenic drive from Chamarel to Le More is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Chamarel, Mauritius. You can stop by the viewpoint on your way to see views of the southwest coast of Mauritius.

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