Catamaran Cruises in Mauritius

A selection of the best catamaran cruises in Mauritius.

The Best Catamaran Cruises in Mauritius

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Mauritius Catamaran Cruises

Enjoy gentle catamaran cruises in Mauritius and discover our island’s beauty. During these catamaran cruises, you will visit wild islets, snorkel and swim among beautiful corals and colorful tropical fish, savor a delicious barbecue lunch, sip a rum cocktail, and more. Taxi Service Mauritius offers three different and affordable catamaran cruises in Mauritius. We’ve detailed the 3 most popular cruises below.




Set sail to the magical catamaran cruise to Ile aux Benitiers at the Southwest of Mauritius. This catamaran cruise is also suitable for families with children. During the trip, discover dolphins of Tamarin bay and the magnificent marine life when snorkeling. You will have the opportunity to spend time on the island where you can laze around in the sun or start exploration on foot. With hawkers around the beach, you can buy souvenirs to bring home.




The Ile aux Cerfs catamaran cruise is a popular cruise in Mauritius and suitable for families with children. Enjoy the crystal-clear waters, breathtaking scenery while sailing, and relaxing on the beautiful white sand beaches of Ile aux Cerfs. While you snorkel in crystal clear blue water among colorful coral and fishes, the crew will prepare the BBQ lunch. You will also have the opportunity of visiting the wonderful Grand River South-East Waterfalls before dropping you off on the island’s famous white-sand beaches.




This catamaran cruise to Gabriel island starts in the North of the island. Enjoy the possibility of encountering whales and dolphins. Sail to the spectacular scenery of Coin de Mire and Flat Island, with high sea-cliffs towering into the sky which serves as nesting grounds large colonies of tropical birds. The crew will prepare a full delicious BBQ lunch buffet set on Gabriel Island or the catamaran. You can also snorkel in the lovely lagoon, or laze in the sun on the beautiful sandbar in Ile aux Gabriel.


Tips to better your Catamaran cruises in Mauritius:


What to bring:

1) Don’t forget your sunscreen and towel.

2) Snorkeling gear is available although you can bring yours if you want.

3) And don’t forget your camera.

4) Make sure to book your activities in Ile aux Cerfs to avoid any rip-off.

Make sure to book your catamaran cruise in advance to enjoy your holiday. Taxi Service Mauritius will be happy to provide you with affordable transportation to and from the embarkation point on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular catamaran cruises in Mauritius?

The most popular catamaran cruises are namely: Catamaran Cruise to Ile Aux Cerfs island, Catamaran Cruise to Ile Aux Benitiers island & Catamaran Cruise to Ile Aux Gabriel island in the North.

How much does a catamaran cruise cost?

The average cost for a full day shared catamaran cruise in Mauritius is approximately 40 euros per person.

Can i book a catamaran just for my family?

Yes, private cruises are available upon request. Kindly make advance bookings during the busiest times. Contact us for more information.

Will I see dolphins during the catamaran cruise?

Yes, dolphins are very present on these two cruises: Ile aux Gabriel (North Cruise) & Ile Aux Benitiers (West Cruise)


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