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Port Louis City Tour

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€ 80
for a group of 4

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the heart of Port Louis with our exclusive City Tour. Discover the serene beauty of Marie Reine de la Paix, marvel at the vibrant colours of the local temple, and stroll along the lively Caudan Waterfront. Dive into history at Chinatown, the Historical Bazaar, and the Blue Penny Museum before being awed by the majestic Citadel Fort. Conclude your adventure at the fascinating Odysseo Oceanarium. This private sightseeing tour promises a blend of culture, history, and breathtaking views, perfect for those looking to experience the essence of Port Louis. Take advantage of this captivating adventure!

Tour Highlights

Duration & Availability
Approx 5-6 hours - Available Daily
Private Tours
A vehicle with driver is provided exclusively for you & your family
Free Child Seat
First Child Seat ordered is Free of charge
Flexible Start Time
Choose to start anytime between 7.30 to 9.30 in the morning

Tour Itinerary

Please note: Itinerary order may vary based on your location. Your driver will provide details before the tour.


€ 80

for a party of 4

Price of Port Louis City Tour

Prices below are per group of person, not per person. Morning pick-up available from any hotel/villa in Mauritius.

as from

EUR 80

Standard Family Car with Large Trunk

  4 people max.

Standard Car

as from

EUR 107

Family-Minivan, usually a 10-seater but we accommodate up to 6 pax with luggage

  7 people max.

Family Minivan

as from

EUR 117

Standard Minivan, great if you are 4-6 traveling and have large luggage.

  10 people max.

Standard Minivan

as from

EUR 130

Executive Minivan, our largest minivan, perfect for 10 pax traveling with luggage.

  14 people max.

Executive Minivan

as from

EUR 185

  22 people max.

Coasters / Buses

as from

EUR 141

SUV Mauritius Outlander 2023

  4 people max.


*Entry tickets to visiting places and lunch are not included in the above prices. For more information click here.

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Port Louis City Tour: Discover the North with a Local

Picture this: nestled in the plush backseat of a comfortable, air-conditioned taxi, you embark on a personalized Port Louis City Tour guided by your own private driver and knowledgeable guide. Your journey unfolds through the enchanting sights of the city, from the vibrant markets of Port Louis Central Market to the iconic Chinatown, steeped in history. As you traverse the bustling streets, savoring the aroma of local street food delicacies and taking in the majestic views of the harbor from the Citadel Fort Adelaide, each moment offers a privileged glimpse into the heart and soul of Port Louis. This isn’t merely a tour; it’s an immersive experience tailored to unveil the essence of Mauritius, enveloped in luxury and personalized hospitality.

Private guided sightseeing tour mauritius

What's Included

Port Louis City Tour includes:

  • Pick up and drop off from any hotel or Airbnb’s in Mauritius.
  • Private transportation to all the sights mentioned above.
  • A friendly English/French-speaking driver to guide you and provide information at each location.

What's NOT Included

Port Louis City Tour does not include:

  • Entry ticket fees to places such as the Blue Penny Museum is not included in the price. Please contact us for more information.
  • Lunch is not included in the package. Your driver/guide will suggest a restaurant based on your preferences, or you may request a stop at any restaurant of your choice along the way. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

PORT LOUIS CITY Tour – A Journey Through THE Mauritian History

Embark on a captivating journey through the heart of Mauritius with the Port Louis City Tour, a comprehensive exploration of the capital’s rich tapestry of history, culture, and contemporary allure. This 700-word guide delves into what to expect at each significant location, promising an unforgettable urban adventure.

Marie Reine de la Paix Viewpoint

Your tour begins at the Marie Reine de la Paix Viewpoint, a serene haven nestled on the side of a mountain. Here, you’ll be greeted with sweeping views of Port Louis, framed against the dramatic backdrop of the Moka mountain range. This spot offers a moment of tranquility and a unique perspective on the bustling city below, making it a perfect introduction to the diverse contrasts of Mauritius.

Colourful Temple in Port Louis

Next, immerse yourself in the spiritual and architectural grandeur of one of Port Louis’s vibrant Hindu temples. These temples, adorned with intricate carvings and vivid colors, are not just places of worship but also embodiments of the island’s rich cultural mosaic. The experience is a feast for the senses, with the air filled with the fragrance of incense and the sound of traditional prayers, providing a deep insight into the spiritual life of the local community.

Port Louis Caudan Waterfront

As you move towards the Caudan Waterfront, the tour shifts gears to present the modern face of Mauritius. This bustling promenade is a lively hub for shopping, dining, and entertainment, offering everything from high-end boutiques to local handicraft markets. The waterfront’s vibrant atmosphere, combined with stunning views of the harbor, makes it a perfect spot for leisurely exploration and souvenir shopping, ensuring a memorable experience for visitors of all ages.

Chinatown, Bazaar, and BLUE PENNYMuseum

Diving deeper into the cultural heart of Port Louis, your next stops include the lively lanes of Chinatown, the historic bazaar, and insightful museums. Chinatown, with its narrow streets and traditional shops, offers a glimpse into the lives of the Chinese community in Mauritius. The bazaar, or central market, is a sensory overload of colors, scents, and sounds, where you can find everything from exotic spices to handmade crafts. Museums in the city provide a deeper understanding of the island’s history and cultural evolution, making this part of the tour both educational and exhilarating.

Citadel Fort

No visit to Port Louis would be complete without a stop at the Citadel Fort. Perched atop a hill, this historic fortification provides a strategic vantage point over the city and its surroundings. The fort, also known as Fort Adelaide, offers a panoramic view that spans the cityscape, harbor, and beyond, allowing you to capture the essence of Port Louis in a single glance. Its historical significance as a defense mechanism during colonial times adds a layer of depth to the visit, connecting the past with the present.

Odysseo Oceanarium

Concluding your tour at the Odysseo Oceanarium, you’ll dive into the enchanting world beneath the waves. This state-of-the-art facility is home to a diverse range of marine life, from vibrant coral reefs to mysterious deep-sea creatures. The oceanarium offers an educational journey through the island’s aquatic ecosystems, highlighting the importance of conservation and the beauty of marine biodiversity. It’s a captivating experience that leaves visitors with a deeper appreciation for the natural wonders of Mauritius.


The Port Louis City Tour offers a comprehensive exploration of Mauritius’ capital, blending historical insights with cultural immersion and modern leisure. From the tranquil views at Marie Reine de la Paix to the historic depths of the Citadel Fort and the vibrant life at the Caudan Waterfront, this tour promises a rich and varied experience. As you navigate through the city’s bustling streets and serene vistas, you’ll gain a profound understanding of the island’s past and present, making this more than just a sightseeing tour—it’s a journey through the soul of Mauritius. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the many facets of Port Louis, each offering its own unique story and charm. Book your tour today and prepare for an adventure that will captivate your heart and enrich your travel experience.

Embark on your Mauritian adventure with Taxi Service Mauritius

Our commitment to your satisfaction shines with our free cancellation policy, allowing you to cancel up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund. This flexibility ensures you can plan your dream tour without stress, knowing you’re in good hands. With the first child seat free of charge and a variety of payment options, including cash or online via PayPal or credit card, we tailor our service to your needs.

Our fleet features a wide range of vehicle models, ensuring comfort and style for any group size. Our drivers, proficient in English and French, are at your service, ready to make your journey seamless and memorable. Tell us your culinary preferences, and we’ll guide you to the perfect lunch spot, making your experience truly tailored. Choose Taxi Service Mauritius for an unforgettable journey through the enchanting landscapes and rich cultural tapestry of Mauritius.

  • Free cancellations (obtain a full refund) if you cancel the tour at least 24 hrs before the scheduled time.
  • Payment methods: Existing customers can arrange to pay in cash to the driver in the local currency or (2) pay online in EUR before the tour. The payment link will be found in your booking confirmation email.
  • Kindly tender the exact amount to the driver as the latter may not have change on him.
  • Child/Toddler Seats: First child seat ordered is Free of charge & is upon request. Any additional child seat ordered is charged at EUR 10 per seat.
  • You are responsible for mentioning the child’s age at the time of booking so that we know which child seat/s model will be required.
  • Please get in touch with us if you require a drop-off at the airport after the sightseeing tour.
  • An additional charge may apply if you want to change the itinerary during the trip. The driver will inform the office about any changes.
  • The tour begins at the time we pick you up from your residence/hotel. You will be advised how much time you should spend at each stop to cover all the places on the itinerary. Any hours outside the specified tour duration will charged at Rs500 per additional hour.
  • Lunch:  As part of our service, customers are encouraged to communicate with the designated driver regarding their lunch preferences. While our drivers may offer recommendations, the final decision rests with the customer. It is the customer’s responsibility to review the price list of the chosen restaurant before lunch.
  • Cleaning Fees: In cases of vomiting, spreading sand, or spilling food or drinks in the vehicle, a Rs400 cleaning fee will be charged. This fee is intended to cover restoring the vehicle’s cleanliness. Your cooperation in maintaining a clean and pleasant environment for passengers is greatly appreciated.
  • There will be no eating, drinking, or smoking in the vehicle due to the cleanliness and respect for other passengers. There may be an exception if passengers need to eat or drink for medical reasons.
  • Bad weather: Taxi Service Mauritius reserves the right to cancel a trip in the event of adverse weather conditions, scuh as cyclones, as warned by the local authorities. The safety and well-being of our passengers are our top priorities, and we appreciate your understanding in such circumstances. We will notify you as early as possible in case of any cancellations due to weather concerns. Full refund will be made in case you are not able to reschedule the trip for another day.
  • We do not provide transfers when a cyclone of class 3 or higher is in effect.
  • Booking Policy: Customers are kindly requested to refrain from arranging trips directly with the drivers. All bookings must be made through our office for proper coordination and record-keeping. Failure to comply with this policy will result in immediate suspension of both the driver and the customer from our systems. We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to this guideline for efficient and streamlined service.

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Enjoy an authentic, uninterrupted journey with our ‘No Stops at Tourist Shops’ driver policy. Our drivers won’t detour to commission-based tourist shops, a common practice in Mauritius.

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Angela T.
Super Service! Klappt einwandfrei. Antworten schnell, auch mitten in der Nacht. Chauffeur war sehr nett.
Bharat R A.
Bharat R A.
Great service!
Amanda P.
Amanda P.
Fantastic service and quick responses to messages. No hesitation in recommending. Used for airport transfers
Rid R.
Rid R.
It was my first time to Mauritius and decided to book transfers with Taxi Mauritius (TravelHub)And it was the best decision to make. Had a clear communication from first enquiry with confirmations of payment. On arrival, we were met by our lovely driver Dave who was very accommodating and respectful and was patiently waiting for us in the exact spot as instructed.During our time in Mauritius we wanted to take a tour of the south of the island, so I emailed taxi Mauritius and received a response hours later and a confirmation. I would highly recommend the private tours.Our transfer back to the airport was on time and again a very comfortable vehicle for our group. Will be using this company again when I return to Mauritius.
B S (Onkel B.
B S (Onkel B.
Sehr zuverlässiges Taxiunternehmen, 4 x auf Mauritius genutzt,Fahrer und Fahrzeug wurden jedes Mal per Whatsapp am Vortag angekündigt, Bezahlung beim Fahrer in jeder Währung möglich.
Elena T.
Elena T.
Great communication since the day of booking. The driver was punctual and friendly. We booked a tour to Chamarel waterfalls and Gran Bassin (and more places along the way). The route is planned well, all the attractions are different. Overall awesome experience, highly recommend!
Advait P.
Advait P.
Good taxi service. Reliable , good vehicles. Good communication by Neiha about handling requested changes in travel plan over WhatsApp. Happy customer. Highly recommended and Will use again in future.
Miquel B.
Miquel B.
We booked two tours with Travelhub Mauritius and we had two amazing days visiting the north and the south of the island with our experienced driver Ravin.Besides, we had to reesquedule the tour due to a problem with our arrival time, and we received all the facilities from the agency.
Kévin S.
Kévin S.
- Très bonne expérience que ça soit les transferts aéroport-hotel et également pour la découverte du Nord de Maurice en journée.- On est entre de bonnes mains et les conducteurs sont ouverts à la discussion, ce sont des moments de partage que j’ai bien apprécié.- Je recommande +++
Elke F.
Elke F.
We booked the North- and South Tour of Mauritius. Our driver Ganesen was great. Perfect in english and french language, it was very easy for us to understand his explanations. He showed us all the highlights and made all our special wishes possible. Many thanks to Ganesen for the great experience we had of Mauritius.
Jaroslava F.
Jaroslava F.
Everything was great. Mevin was excellent guide. Really nice. I recommend this company.
Gerard A.
Gerard A.
ponctuelchauffeur professionnel qui respecte le code de la route et la sécuritévéhicule en très bon état techniquevéhicule proppre

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