Travelling with kids in Mauritius

Travelling with Kids to Mauritius- Kids-Friendly Hotels, Activities and more.

Mauritius is a famed honeymoon destination thanks to its picture-perfect landscape, beautiful white beaches, and an abundance of luxury hotels. But it is also the ideal destination for a full-fledged family vacation to create wonderful memories to cherish back home.


In terms of catering for little ones, resorts are the most reliable. It is all about making everyone feel relaxed and enjoying the holiday, and that includes the baby. You will find an array of kid-friendly hotels and resorts in Mauritius. Here is 2 of our pick of Kids-Friendly Hotels in Mauritius:

1) Beachcomber Resorts
Beachcomber Resorts have dedicated baby care rooms that come equipped with almost everything you can imagine: changing table mats, bottle warmers, bottle sterilizers to even a baby food menu to cater to your little one’s favorite foods. Beachcomber Resorts provide safe swimming facilities, a variety of dining options, evening entertainment, and areas for family recreation. The resorts have a mini club for children aged 3 to 12 years and babysitting services, meaning you can top-up your tan, soak in the spa, or enjoy a romantic dinner.

2) Sugar Beach Resort 
Sugar Beach Resort is one of the favorite resorts in Mauritius for families. Set in picturesque landscaped tropical gardens, this elegant plantation-style resort offers a wide range of sports and activities including tennis, water polo, kayaking, and glass-bottom boat rides, among others. The kids’ club consists of an enchanting Hansel & Gretel-themed gingerbread cottage, and children are sure to enjoy the variety of sports and activities, as well as nature excursions, that are offered at the club.

Fun activities for the family.

The island is described as a vast playground for children who only want to play and explore. There is a plethora of interesting family activities such as water excursions, animal encounters, and cultural outings.

La Vanille Nature Park is home to various butterfly species and insects that you can see in their insectary, including tortoises and crocodiles. The interactive farm offers children the opportunity to feed rabbits, chickens, and goats, and also play in the playground. If you are still looking for adventure, you can ride a pony in the park. It is also included in our South East Tour.

Casela Nature Park
Casela Park is a great place for families to spend a day with their children learning about wildlife and getting a close-up encounter with the animals. Family-Child Packages at Casela Park include a trip to the petting farm to feed giant Aldabra tortoises. The package also includes a kid-friendly meal, a safari tour, a walk-through aviary to show you the birds and insects, and a souvenir picture to capture these precious moments with your children. Even more fun with the brand new Pangia Kids Park with rides, mini golf, and pizza cooking classes.

The island features a wide array of activities and a lot of places to visit that will surely please your children. Read more on the places you can visit in Mauritius when traveling with kids.

Water activities

If your kids were wowed by the lions in Casela and the crocodiles in La Vanille Nature Park, wait until they see the dolphins or even whales! Book an early-morning boat trip to the west/south-west lagoon where you can watch these majestic sea mammals in their natural habitat.


Mauritius is an ideal family destination. It is most recommended to visit Mauritius in April and May, and in October and November. If you are traveling to Mauritius from June to September, you should stay on the island’s west coast as the weather is cooler and windier.

Read more on: The best time to visit Mauritius.

Traveling with kids can be a hectic experience, so planning everything ahead of time is a really significant part of enjoying the trip hassle-free. Book your airport transfer in advance so you don’t need to wait in long queues at the airport and can even arrange a baby seat

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