Travelling solo to Mauritius Island in 2024

Traveling Solo to Mauritius Island in 2024? Find incredible places to visit, tips & tricks


While Mauritius is known as a romantic destination for honeymooners or even if you are travelling to Mauritius with kids, the island is also suitable for solo travellers: it’s safe, easy to travel around, and offers a lot of activities that you can do on your own, with a guide or instructor, or join up with a group to do. Besides relaxing on the soft white sand beaches, you can explore the colourful capital, hike waterfalls, do sunset yoga, snack on some traditional street foods, sample the island’s rum, scuba dive, and a whole lot more.

Things to know:

  • Safety
    Mauritius is a very safe country, with the most dangerous acts being a mosquito bite or a bad sunburn. Make sure you exercise the same level of caution as you would anywhere else, and you should encounter no problems.
  • Credit Cards & ATMs
    Credit and debit cards are accepted in almost all island tourist shops, restaurants, and hotels. There are a number of smaller areas of Mauritius where you might find that shop owners expect you to pay in cash. Therefore, make sure to keep a bit of change in your pocket when visiting.
  • Language
    French and English are the most widely spoken. Its citizens can speak English, French, Mauritian Creole, Hindi, Telugu, Mandarin, and more! You won’t have to worry about learning a new language before your trip.

Things to do:

1) Relax at the beach
While you are on vacation, don’t forget to rest and soak up the tropical environment at your resort instead of rushing around the island. Hotel resorts offer their customers a variety of activities, including water sports like stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking, as well as pedal boats and boat rides.
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2) Chamarel
Chamarel is a picturesque village located in the southwest part of Mauritius. Known for the famous Seven Coloured Earth, its stunning waterfall, exquisite rum distillery, and scenic drive, Chamarel has plenty to offer travellers of all kinds. Our Magical South Tour includes the main sights to visit in Mauritius.

3)Visit the capital city of Port Louis
During your trip to Mauritius, be sure to explore the city of Port Louis, the island’s capital. Shopping in the buzzing central market is a fantastic way to be able to pick up affordable items, and you can enjoy local street foods as you walk around. Visit the Caudan Waterfront, a unique Mauritian shopping mall that combines modern architectural design with a rich history and a variety of restaurants that will delight your palate.

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4)Catamaran cruise
For a lovely relaxing day at sea, spend an entire day on a catamaran excursion to one of the islets surrounding the island. Sail within the safety of the largest turquoise lagoon in Mauritius. During these catamaran cruises, you will visit wild islets, snorkel and swim among beautiful corals and colourful tropical fishes, savour a delicious barbecue lunch, sip a rum cocktail, and more.

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The best time to visit Mauritius.

There is no wrong time to visit Mauritius, but the best time is from October to December, which is their early summer season. During this time, you’ll have the very best sunny weather, and warm temperatures.

It is the peak tourist season from December to March, so you are likely to encounter larger crowds during this time.

Cyclone season is from January through February. However, once the rains clear up, the weather in May and October cools off enough to enjoy a swim in the turquoise waters.

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Where to stay

  • North and West
     There is a wide selection of hotels for every budget, sandy beaches with shallow waters, night clubs, numerous water sports activities, easy access to public transportation, and a large ex-pat community.
  • East
    You will find luxury resorts with posh views, mountainous scenery, and turquoise beaches, but to get around the island, you will need to hire a car or a taxi since public transportation on this side of the island is not very reliable.
  • South
    The south of Mauritius is known as the “wild” part of Mauritius and is almost untouched by the development of tourism in this part of the island. You’ll find waterfalls, cliffs, tea plantations, and colonial buildings. It also hosts some of the top luxury hotels on the island such as the Outrigger Hotel and Heritage Telfair Resort.
  • South West/Le Morne
    Local guest houses are cheaper in this area compared to expensive tourist resorts. It is slightly more difficult to get around on this side of the island because there isn’t much public transportation and a taxi or a car is needed. This area is one of the most popular diving and surfing spots in the world. Le Morne Brabant, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, provides a picturesque backdrop for your pictures.
  • Center
    At the center of the island, you will find a significant number of business hotels with tall buildings making up the scenery, as well as shopping malls that are tourist attractions, but public transport here is very reliable. Learn more about unique places to stay for your vacation in Mauritius.

Tips and tricks

  • It is recommended that you walk in public places, especially at night, and that you always move with a sense of confidence while doing so.
  • Keep a cell phone and identification on you at all times. Give your friends and family the addresses of your hotels, villas, or bungalows before you leave for vacation.
  • Place your valuables in a hidden pocket or a money belt.
  • Plan a trip with a well-known, reputable company that can arrange your itinerary throughout your trip so you have plenty of free time.

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