Lifting of restrictions on the number of restaurants in hotels

Initiatives aimed at revitalizing the tourism sector are currently underway in Mauritius.


According to reliable sources within the Ministry of Tourism who preferred to remain anonymous, the Tourism Authority Act will soon be amended to lift the restriction on the number of restaurants a hotel can have under the tourist accommodation certificate.

The objective of this move is to enhance the tourist experience while stimulating the hospitality sector. This decision is part of revising the tourism industry law and paves the way for greater culinary diversity for visitors. By granting hotels greater freedom in creating their dining spaces, this measure aims to enrich gastronomic offerings and meet the increasingly high expectations of travellers.

“The lifting of restrictions on the number of restaurants within hotels will also foster creativity and innovation in the hospitality sector. Establishments will now have the opportunity to stand out by offering a variety of unique dining concepts, ranging from restaurants specializing in regional flavours to high-end establishments with renowned chefs,” highlighted our source.

Optional measure

Lindsay Morvan, the Director-General of the Tourism Authority, emphasized that through amendments to the law, the requirements for hotels to have two or three restaurants will be removed. “This measure will allow operators to offer diverse dishes to their customers while adhering to the required standards.”

He also mentioned that nearly fifty hotels in Mauritius possess the internationally recognized certification by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, of which Mauritius is a member state. The criteria include environmental stewardship, the use of renewable energies, and the protection of the lagoon. “The current trend shows that tourists are keen on countries where hotels hold an international certification. That’s why we are moving in this direction,” explained Lindsay Morvan. However, he clarified that there would be no limit on the number of restaurants, and this measure would be optional.

There are plans to reinforce and transform the Tourism Authority’s (TA) mandate to energize the tourism sector, ensure its safety, and promote sustainable tourism development. The organization will evolve from primarily a licensing authority to an agency with a mission to encourage control and quality assurance. According to available information, a sustainable tourism unit will be established to support industry stakeholders and contribute to Mauritius achieving the “Green Destination” certification by 2030.

“The amendments aim to focus on our contribution to the tourism sector. Our goal is to make Mauritius a green destination by 2030. Actions in this regard have already been initiated,” stated Lindsay Morvan. He further highlighted that Rodrigues possesses the necessary qualities to become a green destination in the near future.

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